Welcome! Come and discover a cozy retreat where Christmas meets the majesty of the mountains. Our cabins transform winter into a magical season full of charm and winter activities. Embrace the cold with a cup of hot cocoa while watching the snowy landscape! With our facilities, you can build snowmen with your kids or glide on the ice with your friends. You can also enjoy a night of relaxation in a cabin, warming up by the fireplace while listening to quiet music. There’s nothing like a cozy mountain retreat during the holiday season! We’re excited to be a part of your winter season and look forward to welcoming you soon!


Warm and Festive Decoration:

Creating a warm and festive Christmas environment in our cabins is easy. Use soft lights, cozy blankets, and winter decorations such as Advent wreaths, Christmas balls, fir branches, pine cones, scented candles, and incense burners. With these simple techniques, you can achieve an intimate and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest.

Exclusive Winter Activities:

If you’re looking for unique winter activities, you’ll love our sleigh rides under the stars. Enjoy the thrill of sliding down mountains at night, surrounded by the serenity of nature. For traditionalists, we offer a night of campfires and s’mores. Gathering around outdoor campfires to roast s’mores and share stories under the starry sky is an unforgettable activity. Whether you want to feel the wind on your face as you traverse the mountain on a sled or relax by the fire while telling stories with friends and family while enjoying a delicious bonfire, we have what you need to enjoy a spectacular winter. Come and experience it with us!


Comforting Winter Gastronomy:

As the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter, it’s the perfect time to embrace the coziness and warmth of winter by indulging in some of the season’s best flavors. Imagine snuggling up by a roaring fireplace, surrounded by loved ones, and savoring a comforting meal that warms both the body and soul! The possibilities are endless, from hearty soups and stews to creamy mac and cheese and decadent casseroles. And let’s not forget about the sweet treats – what’s winter without a steaming mug of rich, creamy hot cocoa or a platter of ooey-gooey cheese fondue for dipping bread and veggies? So go ahead and treat yourself to some well-deserved winter indulgence, and revel in the magic of this special time of year!

Experience a unique and special Christmas this year in our cozy mountain cabins. Escape the chaos of the city and enjoy the tranquility of the winter landscape. Stay warm by the fireplace and admire the snow-covered trees. Celebrate with family and friends while partaking in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Book now for an unforgettable and magical Christmas in the mountains!

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